Stavros Tsiolis

  • Stavros Tsiolis – As perimenoun oi gynaikes! AKA Let the Women Wait! (1998)

    Stavros Tsiolis1991-2000ComedyGreece
    As perimenoun oi gynaikes! (1998)
    As perimenoun oi gynaikes! (1998)

    Three guys related from marrying three sisters (Batzanakides) meet in Northern Greece at Lake Volvi. The two of them (Panos and Michalis) have as have as destination the Thasos Island whilst the third guy (Antonis) comes to see what is happening with other two falling behind. Panos was struck with the view of a beautiful accompanied girl during the route. Antonis will fall in love too (with the one of the two nurses of Panos) Two old ladies (Sultana and Arhontoula) sitting nearby will act as DJ using a CD player offering very good popular music that suits to the evolution of the movie. Antonis will go to Porto Carras Hotel at Halkidiki with the two nurses for casino playing and will use the number that fails for Panos and Michalis. The movie turns into a study on how men perceive marriage and the impact economics have on their life.Read More »

  • Stavros Tsiolis – O panikos AKA Panic (1969)

    1961-1970CrimeFilm NoirGreeceStavros Tsiolis


    Returning from a business trip to Rhodes, Markos finds out that his son has been kidnapped by a ruthless gang.The situation begins to get out of control as the child is sick and must receive special medication.Read More »

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