Stefan Krohmer

  • Stefan Krohmer – Sommer ’04 AKA Summer ’04 (2006)

    2001-2010ArthouseGermanyStefan KrohmerThriller

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    A family vacation sets the stage for an often uncomfortable generational battle. Krohmer constructs an unpredictable love triangle between Miriam (Martina Gedeck), a still-radiant forty-something mother and wife, her son’s 12-year-old girlfriend, Livia (Svea Lohde) and Bill (Robert Seeliger), the charming American expat in his twenties to whom both women find themselves drawn.

    The characters who become enmeshed in the story are all reasonable, likable, exasperating, and appalling – and you are made to sense the horrifying moral vacuum that exists underneath their progressive assumptions of what it means to ‘be a good person.Read More »

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