Stellan Olsson

  • Stellan Olsson – Deadline (1971)

    Drama1971-1980Stellan OlssonSwedenThriller

    An aircraft with biological weapons explodes above the Kulla Peninsula in Skåne. The fog rolls in over the small seaside resort of Mölle, people start coughing, the police starts evacuating people and soon the first death is reported.Read More »

  • Stellan Olsson – Sven Klangs kvintett AKA Sven Klang’s Combo (1976)

    1971-1980DramaMusicalStellan OlssonSweden

    Sweden 1958. In a small provincial town there is a band who plays dance music twice every week. All decisions are made by Sven Klang, the undisputed leader of the band. A new member joins them, saxophone player Lasse. He starts to criticize Sven’s decisions, questions the way they divide the money and he also wants them to be more of a jazz band.

    This is a very underrated movie with a strong jazz score. Norwegian cartoon artist Cristopher Nilsen has named this as the main inspiration for his Jazzbasillen book. As people familiar with the cartoon will know, this inspiration should involve the more shady sides of jazz culture.Read More »

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