Stephanie Rothman

  • Stephanie Rothman – The Velvet Vampire (1971)

    1971-1980EroticaHorrorStephanie RothmanThe Female GazeUSA

    “Velvet Vampire is a surreal artsy vampire movie from the hippie era ripe with seventies allusions to counter-culture ideology. Unfortunately this movie never quite lives up to its potential. What could have been a chilling in your face anti-establishment message about the hypocrisy of sanctified virtue and man’s desire to see his wife metamorphose into his own personal holy whore plays more like a timid low budget exploitation flick. Worse, it’s not aged well and may appear to contemporary eyes as more of a farce than the bizarre counterculture homily it is. But it’s still a fascinating movie to watch. Well worth renting if you can find a copy.” – Mise-en-scene CryptRead More »

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