Stere Gulea

  • Stere Gulea – Morometii 2 AKA Moromete Family: On the Edge of Time (2018)

    2011-2020DramaRomaniaStere Gulea

    A sequel to Romanian cinema’s best-known family saga, The Moromete Family (1987), the film continues the tale of Ilie Moromete and his family, this time focusing on his youngest son, Niculae. The entire world order of the village, where the most important thing is to own land and live as a peasant, changes with the Communist regime and their collectivization. The years 1945 to 1946 find Ilie Moromete aging, but still healthy. There are tensions between him and his second wife Catrina and Ilie’s children from his first marriage. Niculae is the only one of the children who has gone to school. He’s finished three high school years and stopped before the final year, because of the lack of money. What he wants most in this world is to finish his studies. He becomes a journalist and novelist and writes about the changing times he’s seen. — IMDBRead More »

  • Stere Gulea – Morometii AKA The Moromete Family (1987)

    1981-1990ArthouseDramaRomaniaStere Gulea

    The story of a family. Problems, marriage, taxes, revenge, friendship, army, life and much more…

    The movie is a portray of the inhabitants of an ordinary Romanian village,before the beginning of ww2.A dramatic story about poverty and ignorance..People ready to sacrifice their family members for a little more welfare.Sadness,misery.All seen through the eyes of a man less brutified than the others,a man who realizes his misery and tries to overcome it. It is a brutal and in the same time sensitive introspection in simple people’s life,a naked portray of their existence and inner battles.I don’t know if foreigners will find the story interesting or just repulsive but I can’t help calling it a masterpiece.The Moromete family could have been my grandparents.Read More »

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