Su Friedrich

  • Su Friedrich – Damned If You Don’t (1987)

    1981-1990ExperimentalQueer Cinema(s)Short FilmSu FriedrichUSA

    DAMNED IF YOU DON’T is Friedrich’s subversive and ecstatic response to her Catholic upbringing. Blending conventional narrative technique with impressionistic camerawork, symbols and voice-overs, this film creates an intimate study of sexual expression and repression. Featuring Peggy Healey as a young nun tormented by her desire for the sultry irresistible Ela Troyano.Read More »

  • Su Friedrich – Hide and Seek (1997)

    1991-2000DocumentaryDramaQueer Cinema(s)Su FriedrichUSA

    HIDE AND SEEK tells the story of Lou, a twelve year old girl coming to terms with her budding sexuality in the mid 1960’s. Her bittersweet tale is skillfully interwoven with clips from a wide array of scientific and educational films, as well as interviews with adult lesbians who recount their adolescent attractions to girls, how they felt when they first heard the word lesbian, where they fit in the butch/femme continuum, and their thoughts about how they became baby dykes. HIDE AND SEEK is for every woman who’s been to a slumber party and every man who wonders what went on at one.Read More »

  • Su Friedrich – I Cannot Tell You How I Feel (2016)

    2011-2020ArthouseDocumentarySu FriedrichUSA

    Su Friedrich continues her ongoing quest to film the battleground of family life. Her mother plays the lead, kicking and protesting against being taken to an “independent living” facility. Friedrich and her two siblings fill out the supporting roles—cajoling, comforting, and freaking out.

    One of the great and most personal experimental filmmakers, we are proud that Su Friedrich is premiering her latest work here. It is a portrait of the artist’s relationship with her aging mother—making it a follow-up to The Ties That Bind—a wry, turbulent documentary of the complexities of family.Read More »

  • Su Friedrich – Sink or Swim (1990)

    1981-1990DocumentaryExperimentalQueer Cinema(s)Su FriedrichUSA


    from Imdb, written by Su Friederich herself

    Through a series of twenty six short stories, a girl describes the childhood events that shaped her ideas about fatherhood, family relations, work and play. As the stories unfold, a dual portrait emerges: that of a father who cared more for his career than for his family, and of a daughter who was deeply affected by his behavior. Working in counterpoint to the forceful text are sensual black and white images that depict both the extraordinary and ordinary events of daily life. Together, they create a formally complex and emotionally intense film. Written by Su Friedrich

    By Fred Camper
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