Suha Arin

Suha Arin – Tahtaci Fatma AKA Fatma of the Forest (1979)

“Fatma of the Forest”, documentary,reflects life, longings and a major “fear” in the subconscious of a 12-years old “woodcutter” girl living under very hard conditions in the forest of Toros Mountains at an altitude of approximately 2000 m. The documentary, aiming to symbolize a little-known but common practice of child labour, accomplishes a dramatic portrayal of laborers who work for Ministery of Forestry totally deprived of social security. Read More »

Suha Arin – Sisler Kovulunca AKA When the Fog is Swept Away (1986)

When the Fog is Swept Away, The Houses and Craftsmen of Old (Eastern Black Sea Region) is documenting rapidly vanishing old houses and craftsmen for the new generations. Read More »