Sun-Woo Jang

  • Sun-Woo Jang – Sungnyangpali sonyeoui jaerim AKA Resurrection of the Little Match Girl (2002)

    Sun-Woo Jang2001-2010ActionSci-FiSouth Korea
    Sungnyangpali sonyeoui jaerim (2002)
    Sungnyangpali sonyeoui jaerim (2002)

    A matchstick girl who was frozen after death 200 years ago (for failing to sell any matchsticks), becomes reborn in this movie which pays homage to computer games. Working at a Chinese restaurant, Ju (played by Kim Hyeonseong) is a game maniac who suffers from unrequited love with Hui-mi (Im Eungyeong), who works part-time at a game room next door. One day, he meets a little matchstick girl of the same countenance as Hui-mi, and buys from her a gas lighter where he finds a phone number. When he calls the number, he comes upon the question: “Will you please log in the game ‘Resurrection of the Little Match Girl?'” From that time on, Ju enters into the world of virtual reality with a view to save the girl and win her love, which is by no means an easy job.Read More »

  • Sun-Woo Jang – Ggotip AKA A Petal (1996)

    Sun-Woo Jang1991-2000AsianDramaSouth Korea
    Ggotip (1996)
    Ggotip (1996)

    A young girl is caught up in the 1980 Gwangju massacre, where Korean soldiers killed hundreds, if not thousands, of protesters who opposed the country’s takeover by the military the year before. Flashbacks show the girl seeing her mother shot to death in the massacre. The film spurred the Korean public to demand the truth behind the incident, and their government eventually opened previously classified files on the massacre.Read More »

  • Sun-Woo Jang – Nappun yeonghwa aka Timeless, Bottomless Bad Movie (1997)

    1991-2000CultDramaSouth KoreaSun-Woo Jang

    A compilation of episodes from the lives of several of the amateur actors’ (who are ‘bad teens’ and the homeless of Seoul) own experiences, this film sheds light on the dark side of Korean society. Feeling alienated and persecuted, they wonder about and come into conflict with the ‘good people’ who persist in trying to reform them. They have their own reason for remaining as they are and resist attempts to reform them: they cannot change simply because they are bad.Read More »

  • Sun-Woo Jang & Wan Sunwoo – Seoul Hwangje aka Seoul Jesus (1986)

    1981-1990AsianDramaSouth KoreaSun-Woo JangWan Sunwoo

    Escaping from the sanatorium for the insane, a man who calls himself Jesus goes to Seoul. He is indulged in the illusion that he should save Seoul from the judgement of fire by finding a woman. He looks for an angel but nobody cares about him, and only a child selling the chewing gum follows him whose wish is to have mother. Finally, he finds a beautiful woman and gains her love through incessant persuasion. Seoul becomes a blessed land and, though Jesus is dragged to the hospital again, the woman becomes the child’s mother, and thus, Jesus promise for the child comes true.Read More »

  • Sun-Woo Jang – Gilwe-eui younghwa (1995)

    Sun-Woo Jang1991-2000ArthouseDocumentarySouth Korea

    Library Synopsis
    A personal consideration of the Korean cinema by director Jang Sun-Woo, looking at it’s history of outside influence and censorship. Includes film extracts from: MR PARK (Yu Hyun-Mok) , FINE WINDY DAYS (Lee Jang-Ho), DECLARATION OF FOOLS (Lee Jang-Ho), MANDALA (Im Kwon-Tack) and WHITE BADGE (Chung Ji-Young).Read More »

  • Sun-Woo Jang – Gojitmal AKA Lies (1999)

    1991-2000ArthouseDramaSouth KoreaSun-Woo Jang

    A conscious exploration of fantasy and flesh. The director talks about the novel upon which the film is based, we see the crew at work, the actors talk about what’s going on. Y, a schoolgirl of 18, chooses her first lover (rather than wait to be raped, as were her two older sisters). After phone sex with J, a sculptor who’s 38, they begin an affair that, by the second meeting, includes spankings as foreplay. J brings a suitcase full of rods, hoses, and wires; Y gathers sticks to bring. Y’s brother discovers the affair. J’s wife, studying in Paris, calls him to join her. Will the lovers part? Will the violence get out of hand? When do the lies begin?Read More »

  • Sun-Woo Jang – Gyeongmajang ganeun kil AKA The Road to the Racetrack (1991)

    1991-2000AsianDramaSouth KoreaSun-Woo Jang

    R (MUN Seong-geun) returns from studying in France and reunites with J (GANG Su-yeon), whom he used to live with in Paris. For some reason, however, J refuses to have sex with R. Angered by her refusal, R travels to his hometown of Daegu. He sees his wife (Kim Bo-yeon) and children for the first time in years, but not only is he less than thrilled to be with them but he actually finds himself despising them. R’s head is filled with thoughts of having sex with J. He sees J every time he comes to Seoul on business, but she keeps resisting his demand for sex on the unconvincing pretext that they are not in France, and he begins to grow tired.Read More »

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