Susanna Nicchiarelli

  • Susanna Nicchiarelli – Miss Marx (2020)

    Susanna Nicchiarelli2011-2020DramaItaly
    Miss Marx (2020)
    Miss Marx (2020)

    Bright, intelligent, passionate and free, Eleanor is Karl Marx’s youngest daughter. Among the first women to link the themes of feminism and socialism, she takes part in the workers’ battles and fights for women’s rights and the abolition of child labor. In 1883 she meets Edward Aveling and her life is crushed by a passionate but tragic love story.Read More »

  • Susanna Nicchiarelli – Nico, 1988 (2017)

    2011-2020DramaItalySusanna Nicchiarelli

    The last year of singer Nico’s life, as she tours and grapples with addiction and personal demons.
    Everyone involved in the creation of ‘Nico, 1988′ deserves a huge amount of praise and respect for creating a film so unflinchingly honest, so authentic. Nico, eternally dressed up in others’ wardrobes, in others’ colours and artistic mirages, has finally been depicted on screen for who she really was, and because Christa Paffgen was infinitely more fascinating than ‘Nico’ (‘Don’t call me Nico, call me by my real name’, she says early in the film to her new Mancunian manager, revealing the agenda of the filmmaking), ‘Nico, 1988’ is truly captivating.Read More »

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