• Ingmar Bergman – Ansikte mot ansikte AKA Face to Face (1976)

    1971-1980ArthouseDramaIngmar BergmanSweden


    Description: “Face to Face was intended to be a film about dreams and reality. The dreams were to become tangible reality. Reality would dissolve and become dream. I have occasionally managed to move unhindered between dream and reality, in Persona, Sawdust and Tinsel and Cries and Whispers. This time it was more difficult. My intentions required an inspiration which failed me. The dream sequences became synthetic, the reality blurred. There are a few solid scenes here and there, and Liv Ullmann struggled like a lion, but not even she could save the culmination, the primal scream which amounted to enthusiastic but ill-digested fruit of my reading. Artistic license sneered through the thin fabric.”
    — Ingmar Bergman, The Magic LanternRead More »

  • Vilgot Sjöman – Ingmar Bergman Gör En Film AKA Ingmar Bergman Makes a Movie (1963)

    1961-1970DocumentaryIngmar BergmanSwedenTVVilgot Sjöman


    Vilgot Sjöman (I Am Curious — Yellow 1967) and a crew from Swedish Television followed Ingmar Bergman during the filming of Winter Light and came away with a five-part documentary, including set construction, rehearsals, editing, and behind-the-camera conversations with Bergman and the cast and crew, and audience reactions to the film. Written by BubbleofearthRead More »

  • Ingmar Bergman – Karins ansikte aka Karin’s Face (1986)

    1981-1990DocumentaryIngmar BergmanShort FilmSweden

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    This short was made for Swedish television and was actually aired in 1986, unlike imdb claims.

    “This is a surprising and lovely film, and thoroughly engrossing, given its brief length. Shot and framed with exquisite care, it validates a favorite past time and the value of looking at old photographs of family members to gain insight into one’s self.

    Amassing as many of the old photos as he could of his parents and grandparents, their relatives and offspring, Bergman takes long, lingering views of their faces, their hands, the expressions in their eyes and mouths, registering for us all, something special in the faces of siblings and relatives young and old. These are long loving looks, with no narration, just a piano playing a simple slightly abstract tune. It was quite moving to see, just through juxtaposition, what Bergman could lead us to think about how he regards his mother, father, aunts, uncles, cousins, — anyone who was pictured, including himself as a boy.Read More »

  • Various – Dirty diaries: 12 shorts of Swedish feminist porn (2009)

    2001-2010EroticaShort FilmSwedenVarious




    Directed by

    • Tora Mårtens
    • Elin Magnusson
    • Sara Kaaman
    • Ester Martin Bergsmark
    • Nelli, Andreas
    • Åsa Sandzén
    • Malin Erkkonen
    • Pella Kågerman
    • Wolfe Madam
    • Ingrid Ryberg
    • Universal Pussy
    • Joanna Rytel
    • Marit Östberg
    • Jennifer Rainsford


    Internet wrote:

    There’s to much to say about each individual movie, but the level of quality is high and most of them has very strong concepts. My favorite is also the first one, “Skin”, directed by Elin Magnusson. It’s a beautifully shot sex scene between a man and a woman all dressed in a skin-colored body stocking. Slowly they cut parts of their body skin open, and in the end there’s nothing left of this shell. Only humans. It’s sexy, erotic is probably the best in this collection of high quality shorts. “Body Contact” was almost scary to see, because it seems so real at first. It’s about a girl who want’s to make a porn movie and films the whole experience together with her friend. They find a man from the southern parts of Sweden and manipulates him to be in the movie. It’s both funny, and even a bit unpleasent. “On Your Back Woman” is a cute wrestling-themed short with three lesbian couple. I think cute is a good word (maybe the director will disapprove there?), but it’s also strong movie with strong love.
    Read More »

  • Hans Alfredson – Den enfaldige mördaren AKA The Simple-Minded Murder (1982)

    1981-1990DramaHans AlfredsonSweden

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    Set in 1930s Sweden. On the death of his mother, a young man with learning difficulties (and a harelip) is sent to work for a local rich landowner. He is ill-treated by the man who is a petty tyrant to all his employees. He makes friends with the disabled daughter of a poor family. Unable to take more debasement from the landowner he runs away and is harboured by the girl’s family. But the tyrant fights to get him back with bloody consequences.Read More »

  • Elsa Colfach – Susanne [+Extras] (1961)

    Drama1961-1970Elsa ColfachExploitationSweden


    Whack! What was that you ask, well that was the impact of the Elsa and Kit Colfach’s only feature length film ever – Susanne. A grim tale of youth gone wild that will move you in more than one way. A shocking piece of social realism that finally gets a deluxe treatment it deserves thanks to the guys at KlubSuper8 – back after a way too long hiatus, and it’s a welcome release, because this is one hell of a special trip.Read More »

  • Ingmar Bergman – Fanny och Alexander [TV Version] (1982)

    1981-1990DramaIngmar BergmanSwedenTV


    Plot Synopsis from ALLMOViE:

    Though he made allusions to his own life in all of his films, Fanny and Alexander was the first overtly autobiographical film by Ingmar Bergman. Taking his time throughout (188 minutes to be exact), Bergman recreates several episodes from his youth, using as conduits the fictional Ekdahl family. Alexander, the director’s alter ego, is first seen at age 10 at a joyous and informal Christmas gathering of relatives and servants. Fanny is Alexander’s sister; both suffer an emotional shakedown when their recently-widowed mother (Ewa Froling) marries a cold and distant minister. Stripped of their creature comforts and relaxed family atmosphere, Fanny and Alexander suddenly find their childhood unendurable. The kids’ grandmother (Gunn Wallgren) “kidnaps” Fanny and Alexander for the purpose of showering them with the first kindness and affection that they’ve had since their father’s death. This “purge” of the darker elements of Fanny and Alexander’s existence is accomplished at the unintentional (but applaudable) cost of the hated stepfather’s life. Ingmar Bergman insisted that Fanny and Alexander, originally a multipart television series pared down to feature-film length, represented his final film, though within a year after its release he was busy with several additional Swedish TV projects, and he returned to make one more theatrical release movie before his death – the 2003 Saraband. Oscars went to Fanny and Alexander for Best Foreign Film, Best Cinematography (Sven Nykvist), Best Costume Design and Best Art Direction/Set Decoration.Read More »

  • Gustaf Edgren – Valborgsmassoafton AKA Walpurgis Night (1935)

    1931-1940DramaGustaf EdgrenSweden



    ‘Lena Bergstrom works in an office and is unhappily in love with her boss, Johan Borg. She decides to quit. Borg’s wife won’t have any children, and when she becomes pregnant she has an illegal abortion. For some reason, Lena’s father believes that it is Lena who has had an abortion.’
    – Mattias Thuresson (IMDb)Read More »

  • Alexandra-Therese Keining – Kyss mig AKA Kiss Me (2011)

    2011-2020Alexandra-Therese KeiningDramaQueer Cinema(s)RomanceSweden


    MIA (Ruth Vega Fernandez) and FRIDA (Liv Mjönes), both in their thirties, meet each other for the first time at their parents’ engagement party. Mia’s father, Lasse (Krister Henriksson), is about to get married to Frida’s mother, Elizabeth (Lena Endre), which will make Mia and Frida stepsisters. Lasse’s daughter, Mia, has not visited her father in years and arrives with her boyfriend, Tim (Joakim Nätterqvist), with whom she is about to get married. As Mia and Frida get to know one another, strong emotions begin to stir between them. Their relationship will turn everything upside down for everyone close to them with dramatic consequences.Read More »

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