Syllas Tzoumerkas

  • Syllas Tzoumerkas – A Manifesto for the Un-communal (2017)


    Synopsis wrote:
    A MANIFESTO FOR THE UN-COMMUNAL is a poem, a documentary, a video diary and a propaganda piece in praise of the outlandishly living.

    Shot in Germany, Israel, Greece and Denmark, A MANIFESTO FOR THE UN-COMMUNAL is the convergence of the voices, the stories and the living landscapes of seven+ characters that live against the warming comfort of the self-righteousness of their herd. People undefined by their class, undefined by their education, revolting against any sense of state or non-state, polyglottes and polyfucked, traitors, un-marginalized and always out of the margin. Or, as Homer would put it, “the Lawless, those without Hearth or Clan” (Iliad, 9.63).Read More »

  • Syllas Tzoumerkas – I Ekrixi AKA A Blast (2014)


    In a striking and courageous lead performance, Angeliki Papoulia plays Maria – a woman who started her adult life with the best of intentions but, ten years later, feels her world falling out from under her.
    Unwilling to reconcile with a reality of unreturned care, lost dignity and a broken-down desire to live, Maria attacks. She attacks herself, her past, the people she loves, her country and the perception of her sex in a relentless battle to find truth.
    Only a day before, she was a caring mother, a loving wife and a responsible daughter. Today, she has gone rogue…Read More »

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