Sylvain Chomet

  • Sylvain Chomet – L’illusionniste AKA The Illusionist [+Extras] (2010)

    The end of the 1950s brought a new phenomenon to the music hall, rock music. It was fresh young rock stars who drew the crowds now, not traditional artistes like acrobats, jugglers or ventriloquists. A conjuror fears that his is a dying art. Unable to find work in Paris, he packs up his doves and heads for London, but he has no luck here either. He is reduced to appearing in small theatres, at garden parties or in cafés. Whilst performing in a village pub on the west coast of Scotland, he meets Alice, a young woman who will change his life forever…Read More »

  • Sylvain Chomet – La Vieille dame et les pigeons AKA The Old Lady and the Pigeons (1998)

    In seductive central Paris, an undernourished gendarme willing to go to great lengths to feed himself hatches a desperate, yet utterly cunning plan.Read More »

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