Sylvie Verheyde

  • Sylvie Verheyde – Stella (2008)

    1991-2000ArthouseDramaFranceSylvie Verheyde

    Stella is an autobiographical 2008 French film directed by Sylvie Verheyde.

    Coming-of-age films – particularly those emanating from Hollywood – have a habit of focusing on those in their late teens, coping with the coming of responsibility and, more often than not, sex. But there is arguably a much bigger jump to be made by those just entering their teens, as they make the move from childhood to the nightmare of puberty at the same time as negotiating the social upheaval of switching schools and taking on life lessons.Read More »

  • Sylvie Verheyde – Combats de femme AKA Amour de Femme (2001)

    2001-2010DramaFranceQueer Cinema(s)RomanceSylvie Verheyde

    “Amour de Femme” is one of those rare movies that are moody, subtle, and yet powerful all at the same time. A French film with English subtitles, “Amour de Femme” tells the story of Jeanne, a 35-year-old masseuse living in Paris, who has spent her entire life making other people feel better. Attending a party with David, her husband of seven years, Jeanne instantly connects with Marie, a dancer performing at the party. They spend the evening conversing about their love of dance, something Jeanne used to do, but has given up as her life took a different turn. Vowing to begin dancing again, Jeanne decides to take one of Marie’s classes, and rediscovers not only the passion that’s been missing from her life, but that she has feelings for this mesmerizing woman.Read More »

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