Abdellatif Abdul-Hamid – Aayadina aka Our Hands (1982)

This is a great little short from the back-catalogue of the 70s-80s Syrian art/experimental scene. It is a nine minute short about hands. Hands, and the things hands do. It’s handsomely edited to some hand-conducted orchestral music… Read More »

Ghannam Ghannam – Fatayat Haerat AKA Bewildered Girls (1981)


Some university students change their views on sex after hearing a lecture on the blind Syrian philosopher Al-Maarri. He gets his way with one of them after sneaking what I imagine is rufees into one of their drinks which has disastrous consequences. After going to some wild bellydancing parties they are ensnared by a polyester-clad drug-dealer and womanizer/rapist. The victims’ friends plan to avenge her with the help of the local police. Includes numerous musical numbers and belly dancing scenes.
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