Tag Gallagher

Tag Gallagher – I did what he told me to – Josef von Sternberg & Marlene Dietrich (2019)

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Von Sternberg is a like Bach or Beethoven: he provides the performer with a form, and the performer creates the emotion and meaning, each performer quite differently, and each performer can say, “I did what he told me to.” Read More »

Tag Gallagher – The Third Man – Howard Hawks’ The Big Sky (2010)

The Third Man – Howard Hawks’ »The Big Sky«
Tag Gallagher’s 20-minutes fine video-essay from 2010 on Howard Hawks’ »The Big Sky«. It’s a slightly revised version of an essay which originally was made for the 2004-Kinowelt-DVD-edition of the movie. Its focus is character in Hawks’ movies. The essay mainly uses excerpts from »Big Sky«. There’s a voice-over by Gallagher and some additional clips from other films. No talking heads or studio settings, no additional documents inserted. Here’s a transcript (English) and detailed description (German) (based on the 2004-version) to give you an idea of what you may download. Read More »

Tag Gallagher – John Ford: The Man and his Movies (2007)

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This is the revised and enlarged version of Tag Gallagher’s great book on John Ford.
659 pages, with lots of new screenshots and frame enlargements.

The book was originally published in 1986. Read More »