Tahmineh Milani

Tahmineh Milani – Nimeh-ye penhan aka The Hidden Half (2001)


Iranian Director Tamineh Milani was arrested and faced execution for making The Hidden Half, a film that had been approved by government censors. Milani has been released, but the charges have not been dropped.. A change in the political winds could land her back in jail. Read More »

Tahmineh Milani – Vakonesh panjom AKA The Fifth Reaction (2003)


Tahmineh Milani’s “The Fifth Reaction”
An Iranian Woman Fighting for Her Rights
By Josef Schnelle

Five women sit in a restaurant in Tehran and talk about their husbands and their marriages. First, the conversations are quite amusing, but later on we notice that each woman faces serious problems below the thin surface of legal rights granted to women in Iran. Read More »