• Bakhtyar Khudojnazarov – Kosh ba kosh AKA Odds and Evens (1993)

    Bakhtyar Khudojnazarov1991-2000ArthouseDramaTajikistan

    The film tells a romantic love story set against the background of Tajik Civil War (1992-1996.) Curfews and bursts of tracer bullets piercing the night hardly seem compatible with a love story. In this strange and dangerous time the men of the city are all into gambling. Everybody gambles with everybody. The situation reaches absurd proportions when the main protagonist wins a young woman from her father. Not knowing what to do, the man decides to take the girl into his shlelter – a cable-car station in the mountains. The war seems far away, but soon it reaches even the apparently peaceful refuge as well. The film conveys the atmosphere of war-torn Dushanbe, the spirit of its citizens strengthened by the hardships and absurdities of the strange war. The film was awarded the “Silver Lion” at the International Film Festival in Venice in 1993, the Grand Prix in Saint Petersbourg – 94, and altogether has been screened at over 30 international film festivals.Read More »

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