Takashi Makino

  • Takashi Makino – 2012 (2013)

    Takashi Makino2011-2020ExperimentalJapan

    2013/35mm & 16mm & 8mm film → HD/16:9/30min
    Music by Makino Takashi

    Everything I saw during 2012. This work will show you the dynamic moment of changing from film image to digital image. —Takashi MakinoRead More »

  • Takashi Makino – Still in Cosmos (2009)

    2001-2010ExperimentalJapanShort FilmTakashi Makino


    A product purposed of an installation project held at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. Recomposed as completed film work in 2009.

    It originally was theme for “Complete Chaos” visualized bydouble exposure method, however it appeared entire opposite phenomenon as “Birth of Cosmos”, and that is unparalleled miraculous story behind the film.

    This film visually demonstrates the fact that human has ability to change Chaos to Cosmos.
    A transcend Free Jazz sound is presented by band Osorezan commanded of Jim O’Rourke.
    Now images and sound break the wall of the universe and plunge in the new world.Read More »

  • Takashi Makino – Ghost of OT 301 (2014)

    2001-2010ExperimentalJapanTakashi Makino


    Inspired by live performance of Inconsolable Ghost at OT301, Amsterdam.

    Images by Makino Takashi.
    Music by Inconsolable Ghost
    Most likely my favourite film of all time; the greatest sensory experience I had watching a film. Makino Takashi is probably the most formally interesting filmmaker working today and this is a great intro to his work. Watching his films are looking at the universe from outer space, falling into decay, destruction and beauty – and interesting sound collaborations.Read More »

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