Takashi Tsuboshima

  • Takashi Tsuboshima – Oniwaban AKA Demon Spies (1974)

    1971-1980ActionHorrorJapanTakashi Tsuboshima

    In this period action-drama set in 15th century Japan, a band of youngsters have been taken from their families and brought to a secret village, where on the orders of the shogunate they are trained to become elite warriors sworn to protect their masters. As they learn the difficult and demanding ways of battle and espionage, they become the oniwaban, or “demon spies,” whose skills are almost supernatural in strength and power. When it is learned that one of the emperor’s vassals has broken his vows by establishing a private armory on his fiefdom, four of the young “demon spies” are sent in to destroy the weapons and bring the challenger to justice. Demon Spies marked a change of pace for director Tsuboshima Takashi, who was best known for his comedies. (Mark Deming on All Movie Guide)Read More »

  • Takashi Tsuboshima – Ai no kizuna AKA Bonds of Love (1969)

    Drama1961-1970JapanTakashi TsuboshimaThriller

    Adapted from the Seicho Matsumoto story “Tazutazushi”. Ryohei Suzuki, a manager at a travel company, is married to his superior’s daughter, but tires of their authority over his life. A chance encounter with Yukiko Hirai one rainy night brings a new romance into Ryohei’s life, and he and Yukiko fall deeply in love. Yukiko, however, reveals that she has a violent husband in prison – with only a week left until his release. Ryohei, desperate to maintain his social standing, brings Yukiko to the mountains in Nagano and sets in motion an unthinkable, tragic chain of events.Read More »

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