Takehiro Nakajima

  • Takehiro Nakajima – Okoge AKA Fag Hag (1992)

    1991-2000ArthouseDramaJapanQueer Cinema(s)Takehiro Nakajima

    Takehiro Nakajima directs this romantic drama about a love triangle between two men and a young woman. The film centers on Sayoko (Misa Shimizu of Unagi fame) who works as a voice-over artist for television cartoons. One day she happens upon a lithe young man and his middle-aged lover in mid-kiss. Something about the incident fascinates her, and soon she’s frequenting gay bars until she finds the couple once again. The young man is a designer named Go (Takehiro Murata) while the older man is married and named Terasaki (Takeo Nakahara). When Sayoko learns that Go’s ailing mother has moved in with him, disrupting the couple’s usual tryst, she offers them the services of her place. For a while, things go beautifully. As the two guys go at it upstairs, Sayoko merrily thumbs through art books. Then Terasaki’s wife gets wind of her husband’s extramarital activities and storms Sayoko’s pad. Terasaki is forced to dump Go and the lad consequently goes into a deep funk. In an attempt to cheer him up, she tries to set him up with a hunky former sailor. Instead, the sailor rapes and impregnates Sayoko. Years later, the three meet again.Read More »

  • Takehiro Nakajima – Kyôshû AKA Remembrance [+Extra] (1988)

    1981-1990AsianDramaJapanTakehiro Nakajima

    This ATG film is a family drama set in 1953 in a small rural town in Tosa, Kochi. This was the first directorial effort by Takehiro Nakajima, a novelist whose work was adapted into Preparation for the Festival by Kazuo Kuroki.Read More »

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