Tamizo Ishida

Tamizo Ishida – Hana chirinu AKA Fallen Blossoms (1938)

Set against the backdrop of an imperial victory in the civil war leading up to the Meiji Restoration, Fallen Blossoms tells the story of the sorrows of women in a geisha house in Kyoto by recounting the relationships of its inhabitants. Read More »

Tamizo Ishida – Hana-tsumi nikki AKA Flower Picking Diary (1939)

Maya Grohn wrote:
This film is based on the book Heaven and Maiko by Yoshiya Nobuko.

It is a story of two girls with totally different family backgrounds. The family of Eiko was in the okiya business, which handled geiko (geisha), one of the highest rank okiya in Osaka. Eiko was attending the girls’ school, modeled after Wilmina Girls School (currently Osaka Jogakuin).

One day a new girl, Sada Mitsuru moved to the school from Tokyo, Mitsuru’s father was a successful businessman and her mother a pious Christian. Read More »