Tay Garnett

  • Tay Garnett – Her Man (1930)

    1921-1930ComedyRomanceTay GarnettUSA

    A Havana prostitute (Helen Twelvetrees) with a sadistic “protector” (Ricardo Cortez) falls for a young sailor (Phillips Holmes).Read More »

  • Tay Garnett – Slightly Honorable (1940)

    Tay Garnett1931-1940MysteryUSA

    The successful producer-director combination of Walter Wanger and Tay Garnett served up another winner with Slightly Honorable. Adapted from F. G. Presnell’s novel Send Another Coffin, the story concerns the efforts made by corrupt politician Cushing (Edward Arnold) to frame honest attorney John Webb (Pat O’Brien) for the murder of Alma Brehmer (Claire Dodd). In concert with his diligent and apparently slow-witted assistant Rus Sampson (Broderick Crawford), Webb hopes to squelch Cushing’s plan by locating the real murderer-who turns out to be a lot closer to Webb than he’d ever imagined. Ruth Terry has one of her best screen roles as a birdbrained nightclub hoofer who helps Webb clear himself. – Hal Erikson, All Movie GuideRead More »

  • Tay Garnett – A Terrible Beauty (1960)

    1951-1960DramaTay GarnettUnited KingdomWar

    IMDB Reviewer:
    “The Night Fighters” is listed on IMDB under “A Terrible Beauty”, a deceiving title for a movie that has nothing to do with beauty. Considering it had been directed by the great Tay Garnett, and with a cast that included Robert Mitchum, Richard Harris, Ann Heywood, Cyril Cusak, and Dan O’Herlihy, among others, the early promise seemed to evaporate as we watched it.Read More »

  • Tay Garnett – Stand-In (1937)

    1931-1940ClassicsComedyScrewball ComedyTay GarnettUSA

    Atterbury Dodd is an efficiency expert who believes everything can be reduced to mathematics. He is sent to Hollywood to see whether Colossal Pictures is a good investment. He soon learns that movie production doesn’t fit his formulaic mindset.Read More »

  • Tay Garnett – The Fireball (1950)

    1941-1950ActionDramaTay GarnettUSA

    Plot: Johnny runs away from Father O’Hara’s orphanage and becomes a roller skating star with the help of Mary Reeves. He becomes involved with women, including Polly, who only love him because he is a champion, not, as with Mary, out of love for him. Then he gets polio. Written by Ed StephanRead More »

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