Teuvo Tulio

Teuvo Tulio – Sensuela (1973)

Ignatiy Vishnevetsky wrote:
A mix of sexploitation, Lappish folk dress, and soap opera that still finds room for Nazis and reindeer castration – a movie so inept and bizarre that I have to limit any mention of it to this one sentence, lest I get too carried away. Read More »

Teuvo Tulio – Laulu tulipunaisesta kukasta aka Song of the Scarlet Flower [+Extras] (1938)

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Song of the Scarlet Flower was Teuvo Tulio’s first independently produced film, and the earliest of his surviving films.

“I had for a while been thinking of filming Johannes Linnankoski’s novel. Surprisingly this popular Don Juan-tale hadn’t yet been filmed in Finland. It had been done in Sweden twice: first as a silent film by the world-famous Mauritz Stiller and later as a sound film by the esteemed director Per-Axel Branner.

I knew the task would be hard. Viewers often maintain overblown memories of movies they have liked. The fight for audience’s approval would be strenuous. Moreover, the Swedes had had two top-notch actors, Lars Hanson and Edvin Adolphson, playing Olavi. My only chance would be wild rapids-riding scenes and intensive love scenes, which were my specialty. The movie was an enticing challenge, I believed I would be able to offer something new and different. These were bold thoughts, but it meant a lot to me and my career. I decided to try.” Read More »

Teuvo Tulio – Mustasukkaisuus AKA Jealousy (1953)


Teuvo Tulio’s remake of his 1946 film, Levoton veri AKA Restless Blood, possibly even wilder and more surrealistic than the original. Enjoy!
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Teuvo Tulio – Laulu tulipunaisesta kukasta AKA Song of the Scarlet Flower (1938)


Song of the Scarlet Flower was Teuvo Tulio’s first independently produced film, and the earliest of his surviving films. The plot was about Olavi, a farmer’s son who leaves his home after a dispute with his father and leads a life of a womanizing logger. Read More »

Teuvo Tulio – Rikollinen nainen AKA A Woman of Crime [+Extras] (1952)


Pathological, triggered by the unbridled desire to take the story of jealousy towards the film noirs, the film shades of black crime, when Riitta decide to carve adulterous sister, imagining in their path. Again, Tulio used effectively ellipse: a meeting room floor of the Chamber of flashing clothes play almost frame by frame Riitta viettelysessiota own – except that it is now a narrow perspective to give a distorted picture of the situation. Similarly, recalling the horrors huteralla hanging: a child fell into the water past his own clumsiness, Riitta now use the tools to ensure that the structure to give up and his rival for its own sister ends up in the rapids. Read More »

Teuvo Tulio – Intohimon vallassa AKA In the Grip of Passion (1947)


This is based on a short story by neo-romanticist writer Johannes Linnankoski, and is a remake of Tulio’s now-lost debut film Taistelu Heikkilä Talosta (Battle for the House of Heikkilä). I don’t know how faithful this is to the story, which involves an abusive, alcoholic master of a country house and his wife, who struggles for the upkeep of the property against his destructive tendencies. The movie started Tulio’s downfall, with contemporary critics consistently calling it half-baked, and accusing Tulio of repeating himself. Read More »

Teuvo Tulio – Unelma karjamajalla AKA In the Fields of Dreams (1940)


This rural melodrama, based on the play “Hälsingar” by Swedish playwright Henning Ohlson, tells a story of two brothers, one a honest, hard-working man and the other a womanizing gambler who threatens to ruin their house. The latter hires a poor village girl as a maid, sparking the jealousy of a lustful senior maid. After the philandering brother has made the new maid pregnant and flees to America to avoid the consequences of his financial misdeeds, his elder brother is left to clean up the mess. Read More »