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  • Joel Silberg – Breakin’ (1984)

    Joel Silberg1981-1990ComedyDramaThe Cannon GroupUSA
    Breakin' (1984)
    Breakin’ (1984)

    Kelly is a struggling young jazz dancer (Lucinda Dickey). Through her gay friend Adam (Phineas Newborn III), she is introduced to two Street dancers, Ozone (Adolfo Quiñones) and Turbo (Michael Chambers), who have a bitter rivalry with another crew known as Electro Rock, consisting of poppers Popin’ Pete (Timothy Solomon), Poppin’ Taco (Bruno Falcon) and Lollipop (Ana ‘Lollipop’ Sánchez). They also struggle to overcome scorn from Kelly’s dance instructor, Franco, who disapproves of her hybrid dance style and affiliation with street dancers. Kelly soon becomes the sensation of the street crowds. Through it all, the audience is treated to a variety of breakthrough performances, including Turbo’s “Broom Scene” and Taco’s unique popping solos during the dance battles at the Radiotron nightclub. Many hit songs are featured, including “There’s No Stoppin’ Us” by Ollie & Jerry and “Tour de France” by Kraftwerk.Read More »

  • Andrey Konchalovskiy – Maria’s Lovers (1984)

    Andrey Konchalovskiy1981-1990DramaRomanceThe Cannon GroupUSA

    After spending the last of WWII in a brutal Japanese POW camp leaving him with nightmares, Ivan returns home to Pennsylvania for his childhood friend, Maria. But he has rivals for her love.Read More »

  • Ivan Passer – Haunted Summer (1988)

    1981-1990DramaIvan PasserThe Cannon GroupUSA

    This film delves into an unusual get-together by Percy Shelley (Eric Stoltz), his lover Mary Godwin (Alice Krige), her half-sister Claire (Laura Dern), Lord Byron (Philip Anglim), and his companion, Dr. John Polidori (Alex Winter). During one summer, these poets and their admirers talk about evil, deride the conventional mores of the times, go sailing, smoke opium, and generally celebrate the imaginations and the life of the senses. Ivan Passer directs this beautifully photographed literary drama based on Anne Edward’s 1972 novel. In a very fluid and dreamlike way, Haunted Summer explores some of the dangers and a few of the exhilarations of living in an ivory tower world of art. Krige steals the film with her deft and nimble portrait of the woman who would eventually write Frankenstein.Read More »

  • J. Lee Thompson – Death Wish 4: The Crackdown (1987)

    1981-1990ActionCrimeJ. Lee ThompsonThe Cannon GroupUSA

    Paul Kersey, the soft-spoken family man with the knack for wasting street scum, hoped that, after cleaning an entire neighbourhood in Death Wish 3 (1985), he would hang up his guns, and lead a peaceful life. Nevertheless, more than ever, chaos, panic, and disaster are rampant on the mean streets of Los Angeles, as the unscrupulous drug dealers, Ed Zacharias and Jack Romero, whose rival gangs supply 90% of the narcotics in Los Angeles, exploit the helpless, terrorising everyone with their brutal methods. But, their reign of terror is about to end violently when the innocent teenage daughter of Kersey’s girlfriend dies of an overdose. Now, once again, the guns, and, in particular, Paul’s stainless-steel Ruger Mini-14 GB-F semi-automatic rifle, have the final say. Who can stand in the way of an angry, terribly dangerous, and armed-to-the-teeth Paul Kersey?Read More »

  • Michael Winner – Death Wish 3 (1985)

    1981-1990ActionCrimeMichael WinnerThe Cannon GroupUSA

    Despite Lieutenant Frank Ochoa’s order to leave New York permanently in Death Wish (1974), Paul Kersey is back in the city to visit an old friend after taking down Nirvana’s gang of savage thugs in Death Wish II (1982). But, death seems to follow the grizzled executioner, and after a shocking discovery, Kersey cuts a deal with the Police Chief, Richard Shriker: kill as many creeps as he wants, provided that he keeps the police informed. This time, Paul means business, and as the sadistic gang of the unhinged sociopath, Manny Fraker, terrorises the tenants of a run-down tenement building, and the entire neighbourhood, Kersey’s brand-new .475 Wildey Magnum alone is not going to cut it. Can “The Vigilante” bring peace back to the once-quiet region?Read More »

  • Michael Winner – Death Wish II (1982)

    1981-1990ActionCrimeMichael WinnerThe Cannon GroupUSA

    Paul Kersey thought his days as a vigilante were long behind him. But when his daughter and housekeeper are savagely assaulted and murdered, Paul is forced to take the law back into his own hands, hitting the tough, gang-filled streets of Los Angeles and embarking on a violent quest for justice. Realizing he has a ruthless vigilante on his hands, Detective Frank Ochoa races to put an end to the building carnage.Read More »

  • Luigi Cozzi – Hercules (1983)

    1981-1990AdventureFantasyItalyLuigi CozziThe Cannon Group

    The strongest man on Earth … in a super-adventure odyssey.

    The incredible Lou Ferrigno steps into the sandals of the most durable demigod in myth and motion pictures: Hercules!

    With the strength of an army, our hero battles the forces of darkness in one unbelievable exploit after another. From bloodthirsty bears and loathsome reptiles to giant robots and laser beams, he stands tall against all who oppose him in his battle against the nefarious Minos (William Berger). But even the mighty Hercules himself may not be impervious to the bewitching charms of Sybil Danning in the role of the seductive and sultry Adriana (and can you blame him?).Read More »

  • Clive Rees – The Blockhouse (1973)

    Drama1971-1980Clive ReesThe Cannon GroupUnited Kingdom

    The Blockhouse was a 1973 film, based on a book by Jean Paul Clebert. It was directed by Clive Rees and starred Peter Sellers and Charles Aznavour. It was filmed entirely in Guernsey in the Channel Islands.Read More »

  • Val Guest – Au Pair Girls AKA The Young Playmates (1972)

    1971-1980ComedyEroticaThe Cannon GroupUSAVal Guest

    A detailed investigation of the 70’s Au Pairs, leaving no stone unturned and milking every situation.

    Four young women from Europe and Asia, recently arrived in England, begin their new jobs as Au Pairs. They quickly find that the English are not as stuffy and staid as they appear, and the young ladies are soon spending more time in bed than on the job.Read More »

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