Tim Burton

  • Tim Burton – Vincent (1982)

    Tim Burton1981-1990AnimationShort FilmUSA

    Young Vincent Malloy dreams of being just like Vincent Price and loses himself in macabre daydreams which annoys his mother.Read More »

  • Tim Burton – Ed Wood (1994)

    1991-2000ComedyCultTim BurtonUSA

    Ode to a Director Who Dared to Be Dreadful

    “Ed Wood,” Tim Burton’s very good film about a very bad film maker, has a cheerful defiance that would surely have appealed to Orson Welles, who was Ed Wood’s hero. Late in the film, Welles appears (played deftly by Vincent d’Onofrio, who really looks like him) to advise Wood that independence is everything and that an artist’s visions are worth fighting for. Mr. Burton, currently Hollywood’s most irrepressible maverick, has taken that credo to heart. Read More »

  • Tim Burton – Frankenweenie (1984)

    1981-1990HorrorShort FilmTim BurtonUSA

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    Frankenweenie is a short film directed by Tim Burton, and co-written by Burton with Leonard Ripps. It is a parody of, and homage to, the 1931 film Frankenstein based on Mary Shelley’s book of the same name.

    Originally considered a failure and being put to the side by Disney, it was given a home video release after Burton’s breakthrough success with films like Beetlejuice, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, and Batman.

    Victor Frankenstein is a young boy who creates movies starring his dog, Sparky. After Sparky is hit by a car, Victor learns at school about electrical impulses in muscles, and gets the idea to bring his pet back to life. He creates elaborate machines which bring down a bolt of lightning that revives the dog. While Victor is pleased, his neighbors are terrified by the animal, and when the Frankensteins decide to introduce the revitalized Sparky to them, they become angry and afraid. This leads to a frantic chase that cannot end well…or can it?Read More »

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