Tolga Karacelik

  • Tolga Karacelik – Gise Memuru AKA Toll Booth (2010)


    The first feature film written and directed by Tolga Karaçelik, better known for his award-winning short films such as Rapunzel, Toll Booth tells a story of miscommunication, isolation and desperate alienation via a conflict between a father and his son. Confined to his own world of dreams, introvert, and reticent, Kenan is a toll booth attendant, who lives with his ailing father. Kenan’s drab life stuck in routines between his toll booth and home will change the day a new manager comes for supervision. ( More »

  • Tolga Karaçelik – Sarmasik AKA Ivy (2015)


    SYNOPSIS/PLOT: When the ship’s owner goes bankrupt, the crew learns there is a lien on the ship and that key crew members must stay on board. Six men trapped aboard a ship sailing to Egypt. Read More »

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