Tolomush Okeev

  • Tolomush Okeev – Nebo Nashego Detstva aka The Skies of Our Childhood (1966)

    Tolomush Okeev1961-1970ArthouseDramaUSSR

    Children of the old herdsman Banaya been living in the city. However, the younger son, who had come on vacation, Bakai, wants to leave in the pasture, despite the fact that the boy had become accustomed to the city and loves school.Read More »

  • Tolomush Okeev – Krasnoe yabloko AKA The Red Apple (1975)

    Tolomush Okeev1971-1980ArthouseDramaUSSR

    “Red Apple” – a chronicle of a few days in a small family, a story about the difficulties of human contacts, the complexity of love. The image of red apples – strong and clear, profound and lucid. Okeyev’s “apple” bears a special meaning. Juices of the earth and sun, it is a lyrical symbol of happiness and harmony. ( More »

  • Tolomush Okeev – Potomok belogo barsa AKA The Descendant of the Snow Leopard (1985)

    Tolomush Okeev1981-1990AdventureEpicKrygyzstan

    The Russian Descendant of the Snow Leopard is based on a famous Kirghizian folktale. Apparently the Kirghizian folks had plenty of time to tell this story: to print a full synopsis would result in a novelette. Essentially, the story involves a proud group of highland hunters called the Snow Leopards, who in order to survive a brutal winter must request help from the Lowland people. The price for this assistance is the hand of the Snow Leopard’s daughter, who is promised in marriage to a wealthy Lowland trader. During the Springtime wedding celebration, the trader becomes fascinated by a stranger who wins all the athletic contests. This “male” contestant turns out to be a woman, who has arrived to seek freedom for her imprisoned husband. The subsequent romance between the trader and the beautiful stranger results in disaster and bloodshed for both the Snow Leopards and the Lowlanders. Originally titled Potomok Belongo Barssa Descendent of the Snow Leopard won a Silver Bear award for director Tolomus Okeyev at the Berlin Film Festival.Read More »

  • Tolomush Okeev – Boom (1969)

    1961-1970DocumentaryKrygyzstanShort FilmTolomush Okeev

    During World Word II, the difficult construction of a railroad through the Boom ravine at Kant-Rybachie. One of the construction workers then takes a train ride along the road he helped build.Read More »

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