Tom Jeffrey

  • Tom Jeffrey – Weekend of Shadows (1978)

    1971-1980AustraliaDramaThrillerTom Jeffrey

    A blood-stained cleaver, the hurried departure of a farm worker. A town with a lust for revenge…

    This Australian fox-and-hounds melodrama concerns an intensive manhunt for a suspected murderer. Polish immigrant Mark Gaweda is accused of killing a rancher’s wife. Heading the posse is police officer Wyn Roberts, who hopes that by catching Gaweda he’ll be able to live down an earlier tragedy caused by his negligence. John Waters, one of Roberts’ men, begins to believe in Gaweda’s innocence, and ends up defending the fugitive against his accusers.Read More »

  • Tom Jeffrey – The Odd Angry Shot (1979)

    1971-1980AustraliaDramaTom JeffreyWar

    In The Odd Angry Shot director Tom Jeffrey provides a cathartic Australian answer to Michael Cimino’s The Deer Hunter. Australia’s participation in the Vietnam War was as much of an alienating and soul-searching experience for Australians as for Americans, and Jeffrey’s frank portrayal of a group of Australian volunteers casts the war in a different light from the perspective of a Cimino or Oliver Stone. The story concerns a corp of Australian elite soldiers — the Special Air Service troops (the equivalent of the United States’ Special Forces group) — and the elite group’s more pragmatic and hopeful attitudes — whiling away the time in mindless diversions and cracking jokes. Then one of their own is killed and their feelings about the war suddenly change. ~ Paul Brenner, RoviRead More »

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