Tomotaka Tasaka

  • Tomotaka Tasaka – Jochukko AKA The Maid’s Kid (1955)

    1951-1960DramaJapanTomotaka Tasaka

    The story of a young girl (Sachiko Hidari) who moves from a farm to the city of her dreams – Tokyo. Once settled as a maid, she realizes that the superiority of city life is only relative. Her employer’s son flees from Tokyo to the farm to see all the wonderful things the girl has told him about. When her employers go to pick up their son, the girl realizes that city folk are as ignorant of rural life as she was of city life.Read More »

  • Tomotaka Tasaka – Robo no ishi AKA A Pebble by the Wayside (1938)

    1931-1940ClassicsDramaJapanTomotaka Tasaka

    Tomotaka Tasaka’s A Pebble by the Wayside (Robo no Ishi), made in 1938 and taken from a Yuzo Yamamoto novel, takes place around 1902, was about a young boy brought up entirely by his mother since his drunken father is never home. An intelligent teacher wants to send him to middle school, but instead the father apprentices him to a clothing store to which he is in debt.Read More »

  • Tomotaka Tasaka – Tsuchi to heitai AKA Mud and Soldiers (1939)

    1931-1940ActionJapanTomotaka TasakaWar

    Summary from the Film Society of Lincoln Center website:
    Shooting on location in China, Tomotaka Tasaka presents a low-key but stirring account of the day-to-day travails and camaraderie of Japanese soldiers, swapping individual heroics for devotion to the group spirit. Tasaka’s typically clear-eyed treatment, which includes an extraordinary battle scene and an assault on a farmhouse, was so documentary-like in its feel for detail that when Americans later captured a print of the film, it was edited into a training reel for U.S. troops.Read More »

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