Tony Smith

  • Tony Smith – Tutti Frutti [+ Extras] (1987)

    Drama1981-1990BBCTony SmithTVUnited Kingdom

    Legendary Scots rock ‘n’ roll outfit The Majestics find themselves in trouble on the eve of their 25th anniversary tour when their singer, Big Jazza, is killed in a car crash. But with the appearance of his younger brother, Danny, their problems appear to be over. If only it was that easy…

    Rock and roll mythologises itself as a rejuvenating rebel music, an image embodied by the Rolling Stones, who claim the music keeps them fired up and excited despite their advancing years. However, entry into the ranks of rock and roll originals has failed to bestow the same energising favours on The Majestics, Scotland’s very own (fictional) survivors of the 1960s beat boom.Read More »

  • Tony Smith – Theatre Night: Lady Windermere’s Fan (1985)

    1981-1990ComedyDramaTony SmithUnited Kingdom

    With its author’s trademark wit, social satire and outrageous paradox, Wilde’s play shows us the destructiveness of gossip and superficial judgement, and examines the ambiguous sexual morality and gender politics at the heart of the British ruling class. Lady Windermere has a happy marriage – or, at least, that’s what she believes – until one of London’s society gossips, the Duchess of Berwick, arrives with her daughter to voice her suspicions about an affair. Wilde’s exploration of adultery results in a sparkling, satirical critique of society, and of the hypocrisy that lurks behind the etiquette and perfect epigrams.Read More »

  • Tony Smith – What Mad Pursuit? (1985)

    1981-1990BBCComedyTony SmithTVUnited Kingdom

    BBC One London, 24 November 1985 21.05

    A series of stories by Noël Coward

    Screenplay by STANLEY PRICE starring Carroll Baker and Paul Daneman with Neil Cunningham , Jane Carr and Sandra Dickinson
    If you were a famous English novelist doing a whistle stop tour of the United States to promote your books, wouldn’t you welcome with open arms the chance of a quiet weekend away from it all in a remote corner of Long Island? Of course you would. Well, let what happened to Evan Lorrimer be an awful warning….Read More »

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