Trinidad & Tobago

  • Lasse Braun – Tropical Paradise (1969)

    This film was made on the tropical islands in the Caribbean and is a tribute from Lasse Braun to the girls from Trinidad. Filled with the joy of life, colours and explosive sensuality, in the dreamlike surroundings on the Virgin beaches you will witness the girls in the most intensive moments of their lives.Read More »

  • Anthony Hall & Christopher Laird – And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon (1992)

    A fascinating documentary from Trinidad and Tobago about the domination of Caribbean television by programs from the North, primarily the US. This film ambitiously weaves together interviews, indigenous poetry and music with clips from imported French and US television programs to show how Caribbean viewers receive a distorted view of the world that alienates them from their own cultural heritage. Also included is a glimpse of how Cuba has tackled the problem and the US response in the form of Radio Marti.Read More »

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