• Ertem Egilmez – Arabesk (1989)

    1981-1990ComedyErtem EgilmezRomanceTurkey

    “The 1989 Turkish frivolity Arabesk should not be confused with Arabesque, a 1966 American spy thriller. The later film stars two of Turkey’s favorite screen personalities, glamorous leading lady Mujde Ar and funnyman Sener Sen. The two fall in love, much to the dismay of their respective families. The couple’s attempts at finding true happiness is good for several hilarious and touching moments. Arabesk was a huge hit in its country of origin, just as it was intended to be.”Read More »

  • Semih Kaplanoglu – Herkes Kendi Evinde AKA Away From Home (2001)

    2001-2010DramaSemih KaplanogluTurkey

    After several years of numbly mourning his parents death, 26 year old Selim (Cevik) takes a chance on the US lottery for passports and wins. He decides to sell the family olive grove to raise enough money to live in Manhattan and to break all roots to Turkey, leaving his girlfriend behind. When Selim’s aged grand uncle, Nasuhi (Keskin) returns from Russia after 58 years he asks Selim to visit with him the olive grove of his youth. Before they depart, Nasuhi finds a beaten Russian girl, Olga (Bielska) who was robbed when she tried to sell herself to raise money to continue her own search for her sea faring father. The three of them visit the olive grove and still standing farmhouse, which Nasuhi immediately starts to repair. Upset with his grand uncles enthusiasm Selim quickly finds a developer who buys the olive grove and reluctantly takes title to the farmhouse as well.Read More »

  • Natuk Baytan – Kiliç Bey (1979)

    1971-1980AdventureCrimeNatuk BaytanTurkey

    Adventures of a Turkish spy that reveals the secret activities of a spyware in Istanbul.Read More »

  • Pelin Esmer – Queen Lear (2019)

    2011-2020DocumentaryPelin EsmerTurkey

    Shakespeare’s ‘King Lear’ travelling on the dusty and risky roads to the remotest forgotten villages in the mountains of Turkey where even drinking water can hardly reach, turns delicately into ‘Queen Lear’ in the hands of a peasant-women theatre group.

    In the early 2000s, a handful of peasant women from the mountains of southern Turkey formed a theater group, which later became the subject of the documentary, The Play. The women acted out their own life stories in the village, and the play changed their lives. Now, they take to the road with an adaptation of Shakespeare’s King Lear, traveling the dusty, dangerous roads to the farthest-flung mountain villages where there isn’t even running water. On the road, their lives merge with the world of King Lear and become bound up with “the good and the bad”, “the young and the old”, “the rich and the poor”, “the honest and the dishonest” of the play.Read More »

  • Emin Alper – Kurak Günler AKA Burning Days (2022) (HD)

    2021-2030DramaEmin AlperThrillerTurkey

    Emre, a young prosecutor newly appointed to the small town of Yaniklar, finds himself being pulled into a political conflict during his first murder investigation.Read More »

  • Emin Alper – Kiz Kardesler AKA A Tale of Three Sisters (2019)

    Drama2011-2020Emin AlperTurkey

    The three sisters Reyhan (20), Nurhan (16) and Havva (13) all live with their father in a remote village in central Anatolia. One after the other they were sent away to town to work as housemaids, but each of them has now returned. The last of the sisters to do so is Nurhan. She beat the local doctor’s son because he wet his bed every night. When Reyhan returned home pregnant, her father hastily married her off to the shepherd, Veysel. One day, the inebriated Veysel rises up against the village elder; his actions have dramatic consequences. Even if the dream of a better future does not come true for any of these young women and they always seem to be getting into arguments with each other, they nonetheless steadfastly stick together. While they wait for the snow-covered roads to become passable again, father and daughters pass the time with stories.Read More »

  • Nejat Saydam – Sevimli Frankenstayn (1975)

    1971-1980ComedyHorrorNejat SaydamTurkey

    The film takes on the struggle of Timur Frank for becoming famous the easy way after learning that he is the grandson of Baron Fredirik Von Frankenstein. Timur Frank goes with his lover Sema to the Association of Spirit Lovers and defends the opinion that the real truth is not the spirit but the mind. At this instant, a mysterious man tells Timur that he is the grandson of Frankenstein. Timur then goes to his granddad’s castle, finds his handwritten manuscript and follows the directions written there. Together with Butler Fatin and Secretary Ayla, they transport a brain they steal from the brain bank to a corpse they steal from the cemetery. The creature that comes to life will cause them much trouble. (İbrahim Veli Sözer)Read More »

  • Ceyda Torun – Kedi (2016)

    2011-2020Ceyda TorunDocumentaryTurkey

    A profile of an ancient city and its unique people, seen through the eyes of the most mysterious and beloved animal humans have ever known, the Cat.Read More »

  • Yilmaz Atadeniz – Çirkin Kral AKA The Ugly King (1966)

    1961-1970ActionClassicsTurkeyYilmaz Atadeniz

    “Çirkin Kral” is the film which gave Yılmaz Guney his legendary nickname, “the ugly king”. As a copy of cheap Hollywood action/thrillers “Çirkin Kral” imitates the clichés of the genre but also provides a local and Turkish tone too, thanks to Yılmaz Guney’s anti-hero character and his co-star, Tuncel Kurtiz. A classic and very rare movie from the unforgettable director of fantastic and thriller movies.Read More »

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