Ömer Kavur – Gizli Yüz aka The Secret Face (1991) (HD)

About a young photographer and a confused young woman and a whatchmaker.woman looks for a missing face,photographer helps her,takes photos for her.then he finds a face ;whatchmaker.after 2 days both of them get lost and young man searchs them city by city at anatolia. An epic story about love,family,msitic faces-places.Nobel winner ORHAN PAMUK’s story and screen writer. Read More »

Şerif Gören – Amerikali (1993)

An expatriate with no aptitude on nothing except professional ruse and fraud returns to his native country decades later, only to find what he longs for has remained in days of yore. So he aims to reconstruct it by use of his sole aptitude. Read More »

Handan Ipekçi – Çinar agaci (2011)

Turkish family drama. Adviye Hanim, a grandmother who resorts to her own inimitable methods to restore peace and harmony to her brood as they face a period of upheaval and uncertainty in their lives. Read More »

Zeki Demirkubuz – Itiraf AKA The Confession: Tales About Darkness II (2001)

A man suspects his wife of being unfaithful, but he’s not prepared for what her confession will do to him. Read More »

Atif Yilmaz – Nihavend mucize (1997)

Suzan died 25 years ago. But after seeing his son’s loneliness and despair in the world, he had to return to the world at the end of these 25 years. The world he left is completely different from the world he finds. Suzan suffers from a deep adaptation to this change. After a while, he realizes that he must adopt such a fit. The goal is clear: to regulate the life of his son. This goal will have other benefits. Read More »

Seçkin Yasar – Sevgilim Istanbul AKA Istanbul, My Love (1999)

The film, starring Karyofyllia Karabeti and Alptekin Serdengeçti in its title roles, follows the story of Irini, a young Greek woman who comes to İstanbul to trace the roots of her family.

Turkish film director Seçkin Yaşar’s 2nd feature “Sevgilim İstanbul” (İstanbul, My Love) won the best film and best director prizes at India International Women Film Festival 14 – 21 December 2008. Read More »

Cemal San – Zeynep’in sekiz günü AKA Zeynep’s Eight Days (2007)

The second feature film directed by award-winning screenwriter Cemal Þan following his debut Ali, which was not publicly screened, tackles urban themes such as alienation, love, loneliness, desperation and confinement through the eponymous heroine Zeynep, who leads an obsessively ordered life. Shutting herself to the outside world to build a life of her own, with almost all her days the same. One night, at a bar she goes to for a friend’s birthday, Zeynep meets a young man named Ali. From then on, there will be unexpected changes in Zeynep’s life. (Istanbul Film Festival booklet – 2008) Read More »