Usama Alshaibi

  • Usama Alshaibi – Profane (2011)

    2011-2020ExperimentalUSAUsama Alshaibi

    Torn between ecstasy and submission, Muna takes an unorthodox path to enlightenment, one that Profane dramatizes with documentary methods and psychedelic imagery. Alshaibi demonstrates that true reverence sometimes requires transgression.Read More »

  • Usama Alshaibi – Solar Anus Cinema (2009)

    2001-2010ExperimentalUSAUsama Alshaibi

    For the portraits Alshaibi films different women, including his wife Kristie Alshaibi, either fully nude, partially nude, or in various stages of undress. But these aren’t loving erotic gazes. There is a hint of performance art in the way the women writhe, gyrate, and strut in front of Alshaibi’s mostly manic camera that races around their bodies as if excited by each and every part of their form.Read More »

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