• Mikhail Doronin – Ikichi khanum AKA Vtoraya Zhena AKA The Second Wife (1927)

    1921-1930DramaMikhail DoroninUzbekistan

    “Cinema, Nation, and Empire in Uzbekistan, 1919-1937” by Cloé Drieu
    The Second Wife (Rus. Vtoraia Zhena, Uzb. Ikichi khanum) by Mikhail Doronin (Uzbekkino, 1927)

    Adolat (R. Messerer) lives happily with her mother and father, leading a joyous life alongside her best friend, Qumri, who is later happily married to Umar. But this happiness comes to an end the day she is given in marriage as a second wife to the wealthy merchant Taji Bai (G. Chechelashvili), whose first wife Khadija (M. Grineva) is infertile. After this marriage, Adolat gives birth to a daughter, Saodat (Zh. Voynova).Read More »

  • Saodat Ismailova – Chilla AKA 40 Days of Silence (2014)

    2011-2020DramaSaodat IsmailovaUzbekistan

    Bibicha a young woman conceals herself in a vow of silence in the house of her grandmother Khanjarmomo, who lives with her illegitimate granddaughter Sharifa. Khanjarmomo doubts Bibicha reasons. Is she vowing for the return of her beloved mysteriously disappeared? Or is she hiding an illicit pregnancy?

    During her vow, Bibicha is challenged by the sudden arrival of Khamida, the mother of Sharifa, who comes back to the village after years of absence. Bibicha sees in Khamida her possible future. This encounter brings back to live the past and future of this family of women whose destinies seem to repeat from generation to generation in an emotional curse.Read More »

  • Yusup Razykov – Voiz AKA The Orator (1998)

    1991-2000ArthouseDramaUzbekistanYusup Razykov

    Iskander, a gentle Uzbek man, is convinced by a Russian friend to give an impromptu speech praising the Communist Revolution. Impressed by his eloquence, the Soviets make Iskander a spokesman – a precarious position in a turbulent time.Read More »

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