Vatroslav Mimica

  • Vatroslav Mimica – Ponedjeljak ili utorak AKA Monday or Tuesday (1966)

    Monday or Tuesday (Serbo-Croatian: Ponedjeljak ili utorak) is an acclaimed 1966 Yugoslav drama film directed by Vatroslav Mimica starring Slobodan Dimitrijević. The film’s title is a famous quote from Virginia Woolf’s 1919 work Modern Fiction (and the title of her 1921 short story collection) in which she described her approach to writing: “Examine for a moment an ordinary mind on an ordinary day. The mind receives a myriad impressions—trivial, fantastic, evanescent, or engraved with the sharpness of steel. From all sides they come, an incessant shower of innumerable atoms; and as they fall, as they shape themselves into the life of Monday or Tuesday.”Read More »

  • Vatroslav Mimica – Kaja, ubit cu te! AKA Kaja, I’ll kill you! (1967)

    Arrival of war and radical political divisions in 1941 introduces anxiety and restlessness into the idyllic atmosphere of the small dalmatian island. Yesterday’s friends and neighbors turn against eachother and start to life threaten eachother. Piero, who started to wear black shirt, comes into conflict with the kind-hearted shopkeeper Kaja, who is associated with the resistance.Read More »

  • Vatroslav Mimica – Tifusari AKA Typhoid Victims (1963)

    The film was inspired by Jure Kaštelan’s famous war poem Tifusari. Aleksandar Marks’s woodcut-style drawings graphically depict hallucinations of sick partisans marching through wastelands.Read More »

  • Vatroslav Mimica – U oluji AKA In the Storm (1952)

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    Vatroslav Mimica (born 25 June 1923 in Omiš) is an award-winning Croatian film director and screenwriter. He had his directorial and screenwriting debut in the 1952 Yugoslav film In the Storm (Croatian: U oluji) which starred Veljko Bulajic, Mia Oremovic and Antun Nalis. This crime melodrama takes place in Dalmatian region and follows the fate of widow Rose who tries to commit suicide.Read More »

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