Fina Torres – Oriana (1985)

In Paris, a young woman, Louise Haines Pearson, visits her disturbed friend Nena who tells her that she has just written a book on the history of a little girl troubled by her senses, perhaps because of the tyranny of his mother and the absence of her father. Louise recognizes the difficulties of this little girl, being herself deeply affected by the indifference of her husband. Read More »

Claudia Pinto – La distancia más larga AKA The Longest Distance (2013)

A story about a boy who gets into an adventure with a stranger hoping to meet his grandmother. Read More »

Miguel Ferrari – Azul y no tan rosa AKA My Straight Son (2012)

The story of Diego, a young and successful photographer that lives in the glamorous world of fashion, shallowness and excess. A tragic accident turns his world around; his partner is now in a coma. Unexpectedly, and right at this terrible time, Diego must take care of his son, Armando. Now, both of them have to adapt to each other; Armando to the unknown, homosexual world of his father, and Diego to the closed attitude of his teenage son. Read More »

Elia K. Schneider – Tamara (2016)

Teo Almanza, a successful lawyer with a wife and two kids, finally comes to terms with his visceral desire to be a woman. He is determined to follow his heart, even though this will turn his whole world upside down and put his life at risk. So his journey to gender reassignment begins… Based on the true story of Tamara Adrian, the first transgender person elected to the Venezuelan National Assembly. Read More »

Agnès Varda – L’une chante, l’autre pas aka One Sings One Doesn’t (1977)

The intertwined lives of 2 women in 1970’s France, set against the progress of the women’s movement in which Agnes Varda was involved. Pomme and Suzanne meet when Pomme helps Suzanne obtain an abortion after a third pregnancy which she cannot afford. They lose contact but meet again ten years later. Pomme has become an unconventional singer, Suzanne a serious community worker – despite the contrast they remain friends and share in the various dramas of each others’ lives, in the process affirming their different female identities. Read More »

Mariana Rondón – Pelo Malo AKA Bad Hair (2013)

With minor-key delicacy, Bad Hair (Pelo Malo) focuses on a nine-year-old boy exploring issues of identity and desire that he doesn’t yet understand, and the exhausted mother socially conditioned to suppress his self-discovery. Venezuelan writer-director Mariana Rondon trains an unsentimental eye on these two loving but conflicted figures, viewed in the vivid context of a hostile, overpopulated city. The result is a spare neorealist drama that holds attention and emotional involvement with its deft balance of toughness and sensitivity. Read More »

Fina Torres – Oriana (1985) DVD


In “Oriane,” the past is like a series of boxes, all different sizes and shapes, that the filmmaker beckons us to open. And in each is a memory, a treasured object, a wound.

The movie is by Fina Torres, a Venezuelan-born filmmaker making her debut as a director, and it has the texture of a personal tale. The character whose experiences are recalled here is a Frenchwoman in her thirties named Marie (Daniela Silverio) who learns that she has inherited the remote Venezuelan family estate that belonged to her recently dead aunt Oriane. Read More »