Vera Egito

  • Vera Egito – Elo AKA Bond [+Extra] (2009)

    2001-2010ArthouseBrazilShort FilmVera Egito


    January 19th, 1982. Lilian experiences her first disillusion. She is fifteen years old and understands what pain is. January, 19th, 1982. Elis Regina dies at the age of 36. And the whole city understands what loss is.Read More »

  • Vera Egito – Amores Urbanos AKA Restless Love (2016)

    2011-2020BrazilDramaVera Egito


    Living on the same floor of a building in the city of São Paulo, Micaela (Renata Gaspar), Diego (Thiago Pethit) e Júlia (Maria Laura Nogueira) share their experiences, failures and achievements.

    Julia, played by Maria Laura Nogueira, is navigating life after she discovers that her boyfriend was engaged to another woman, making Julia the other woman. As if she couldn’t be more devastated, she finds out that she is pregnant with her ex-boyfriend’s baby. Not to mention that her parents are insisting for her to find a career that will lead to a successful life with a marriage and children since Julia is currently an assistant to a fashion designer.Read More »

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