Vera Iwerebor

  • Vera Iwerebor – Baby Peggy, the Elephant in the Room (2010)

    2011-2020DocumentaryNetherlandsVera Iwerebor

    Diana Serra Cary, a well-conserved lady of ninety, is one of the last living legends of the silent movie era. She was not even two when she endeared herself to the public as cute Baby Peggy. In Hollywood, she worked long days as an infant, earned millions and provided for the family. When she was six, the fairytale abruptly ended when her father, a stunt man and ex-cowboy, quarrelled with a producer and the saved fortune turned out to be squandered. In this documentary, with abundant historic footage, Diana looks back on her bizarre childhood and explains to her granddaughter she really does not know what it is like to be a child. As a teenager, she started loathing Baby Peggy and ran away from home to start a new life. She wrote a book about child stars and eventually became reconciled with Baby Peggy. Nowadays, she visits festivals that screen her films and enjoys the attention from often young fans..Read More »

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