Vesela Kazakova

  • Vesela Kazakova & Mina Mileva – Women Do Cry (2021)

    2021-2030BulgariaDramaMina MilevaVesela Kazakova

    “Women Do Cry” is a 2020 Bulgarian drama film directed by Vesela Kazakova and Mina Mileva. The movie revolves around a group of women who work in a textile factory in a small town in Bulgaria. They face harsh working conditions, low wages, and a lack of job security. As they struggle to make ends meet, they must also deal with the challenges of their personal lives, including relationships and family problems.

    When a corporate executive from the factory’s parent company arrives to lay off workers and cut costs, the women decide to fight back against the injustice and corruption they face. They organize a strike and demand fair treatment, risking their jobs and livelihoods in the process.Read More »

  • Vesela Kazakova, Mina Mileva – Cat in the Wall (2019)

    2011-2020BulgariaDramaMina MilevaVesela Kazakova

    Cat in the Wall tells the true story of how a cat, stuck in a wall, changes the lives of aspirational migrants, benefit fraudsters and gentrified Brexiteers.

    As documentarians, Mina Mileva and Vesela Kazakova have always been fearless. The duo’s rage permeates their first foray into fiction, Cat in the Wall. An examination of society’s absurdities and unfairness through the eyes of Irina, a single Bulgarian mother whose place in London is challenged in every way, turning her into a metaphoric “cat in the wall”, just like the real one.Read More »

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