Vesna Ljubic

  • Vesna Ljubic – Ecce Homo (1994)

    1991-2000Bosnia HerzegovinaDramaVesna LjubicWar

    In the past few years, dozens of documentaries have been made on the war in Bosnia-Hercegovina. Many video registrations had the dramatic siege of Sarajevo as their main subject. ECCE HOMO distinguishes itself by its personal interpretation of the blockade of Bosnia’s capital. This film has no voice-over commentating on the horrors, only images, larded now and then with fragments of religious and other music, and the hoarse croaking of crows. ECCE HOMO is not a political film, but a personal reflection on death. Time and again, she leads us to new funerals on improvised graveyards and shows images of the devastations: a burning tram, flats destroyed by fire, and the arrival of bodies at a morgue. The film reaches an emotional climax when the camera halts at a tombstone with a photo of Danica Ljubic. Who was this woman? The sister of the director? Vesna Ljubic: “The film is not sad, on the contrary; death is our only joy. And our hope.”Read More »

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