Vicente Aranda

  • Vicente Aranda – El Lute II: mañana seré libre AKA El Lute II: Tomorrow I’ll Be Free (1988)

    1981-1990DramaSpainVicente Aranda
    El Lute II Tomorrow I'll Be Free (1988)
    El Lute II Tomorrow I’ll Be Free (1988)

    Eleuterio escapes from prison, joins with his children and embarks on a journey with his family avoiding the hunt for the Civil Guard.Read More »

  • Vicente Aranda – La muchacha de las bragas de oro AKA The Girl with the Golden Panties (1980)

    1971-1980EroticaSpainThrillerVicente Aranda

    Luis, an aging Falangist author with guilty conscious, is writing fake memoirs. Two reporters, his niece Mariana and her lesbian friend Elmyr, arrive to do a piece on him. While fact-checking his memoirs Mariana becomes attracted to him.Read More »

  • Vicente Aranda & Román Gubern – Brillante porvenir (1965)

    Vicente Aranda1961-1970DramaRomán GubernSpain

    Antonio, a young man with a modest job in a small town, lives a monotonous existence until he is transferred to Barcelona to work in an architecture company. From that moment on, a new life will open before his eyes. He befriends Lorenzo, one of his co-workers. Lorenzo has more experience than Antonio and shows him a new, more sophisticated life in which Antonio feels out of place. In addition, Antonio falls in love with Montse, Lorenzo’s sister.
    (imdb)Read More »

  • Vicente Aranda – Cambio de sexo AKA Change of Sex (1977)

    1971-1980DramaQueer Cinema(s)SpainVicente Aranda

    In a small town outside of Barcelona, Spain, José Maria is a teenager with a big problem, he imagines that he is really a woman. While he begins to show his desire to be a woman through his appearance, the reactions within his household make things more difficult for him. His rude father is a male chauvinist who, afraid of his son’s softness, puts him to work chopping wood. Then, his father takes him to a cabaret show, to expose José Maria to women. However at a show, José Maria is exposed to a dancer named Bibi, who is a transgender woman, for the first time.Read More »

  • Vicente Aranda – Amantes AKA Lovers (1991)

    1991-2000DramaRomanceSpainVicente Aranda

    Set in ’50s Spain, a young man (Sanz) leaves the army and looks for a job so he and his fiancée (Verdu) can get married. He rents a room from a widow (Abril), and shortly begins a torrid affair with her. The fiancée figures it out and decides to win him back by offering herself to him and taking him to meet her family. Ultimately he has to make a decision. Based on a true story.Read More »

  • Vicente Aranda – La novia ensangrentada AKA The Blood Spattered Bride (1972)

    1971-1980HorrorSpainVicente Aranda

    ‘La novia ensangrentada, or The Blood Spattered Bride as it’s more commonly known amongst English speaking audiences, starts as a man & his newlywed wife Susan move into his large ancestral home that come complete with servants. At first things seem perfect but it’s not long before Susan starts to see a mysterious woman in her dreams who seems to leave a dagger for her on her bed one night, a dagger that keeps turning up no matter how hard her husband tries to get rid of it. While doing some detective work Susan discovers that the woman in her dreams resembles one of her husbands ancestors, Mircalla Karnstein. Meanwhile her husband has found a naked woman named Carmilla buried on a beach so he decides to take her home, as you would. Straight away Susan notices that Carmilla looks exactly like the woman in her dreams, now her dreams are about to turn into nightmares…’
    – Paul AndrewsRead More »

  • Vicente Aranda – Fata Morgana (1965)

    1961-1970ArthouseGialloSpainSpanish cinema under FrancoVicente Aranda


    “Gim is a beautiful fashion model whose life is in peril. There is a homicidal killer who seek to murder her only Gim is totally unaware of her danger. The only person who seems to be sure that the killer will strike is a professor at a local collage. A police detective also believes the killer will strike but knows not the killer nor the victim. Upon speaking to the professor he has the victims identity and must find her in the mostly deserted city populated by a small group of unusual people who attempt to thwart his search.Read More »

  • Vicente Aranda – Las crueles aka El cadáver exquisito aka The exquisite cadaver (1969)

    1961-1970ArthouseDramaSpainSpanish cinema under FrancoVicente Aranda


    Carlos (Andre Argaud), a well-do-do publisher and family man, receives a severed hand in the mail at work and buries it before going home but once there, his beautiful wife (Theresa Gimpera) reads him a telegram asking if he’d like a forearm. Carlos makes up a lame, work-related explanation but now suspicious, she follows her husband and spots a mysterious woman in black following him as well. That woman is Parker (Capucine), whose lesbian lover, Esther (Judy Matheson), was once Carlos’ mistress who never got over being cast aside. Esther committed suicide but Parker kept the body and, holding Carlos responsible, devises a complicated plan to have him framed for Esther’s murder…Read More »

  • Vicente Aranda – Celos AKA Jealousy (1999)

    1991-2000DramaEroticaSpainVicente Aranda


    A month before he’s to marry Carmen, Antonio finds a photograph of a man with his arm on her shoulder. The photograph triggers jealousy: he questions Carmen, Carman’s friend Cinta, and his friend Luis who introduced him to Carmen. Cinta tells Antonio the man’s first name. Carmen tells him that the man meant nothing to her, and that the photograph was taken before she met Antonio. She loves Antonio and sets out to wipe the photograph from his mind through exuberant sex, but her ploy backfires and Antonio remains fixated. Slowly he finds out about the man, and about Carmen’s past. Will jealousy consume this couple or can they find a way to kill the green-eyed monster?Read More »

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