Nhat Minh Dang, Duc Hinh Nguyen – Chi nhung aka Miss Nhung (1970)

During the General offensive of Spring 1968 in Saigon, there is a communications girl who guides Vietnamese soldiers to fight with the enemy. Tam Son recognizes her as “little Nhung” a girl he knows. At just 10 years old, Nhung’s father went to the North and her mother was killed by the enemy. Nhung had to become a maid for a rich family, who also employed Tam Son to tutor their children. Read More »

Thao Nguyen Phan – Becoming Alluvium (2019)

Resplendent watercolor animations and understated images of daily life meld to yield a meditation upon Vietnam’s turbulent history through the figure of the Mekong River. Read More »

Bao Le – Vi AKA Taste (2021)

Bassley, a Nigerian footballer living in Vietnam, has been unable to make a living since he broke his leg. He and four middle-aged women he sometimes works for decide to escape the disappointment of their daily lives. They go to an old house where together they create a special world for themselves. But this intimate utopia cannot last forever. Read More »

Pham Ngoc Lan – Chuyên moi nhà AKA The Story of Ones (2011)

The Story of Ones gives a face and a sense of place to the unseen and offers a personal counterpoint to the officially sanctioned. Like entering a roomful of stories, the viewer steps into an unfamiliar space guided only by the sound of the Vietnamese state radio tuning in to lifestyle programming, call-in shows and radio dramas. Portraits of daily life are layered atop the aural landscape creating questions and humorous situations and offering the viewer whole new perspectives on what once seemed normal.

Utilizing the banality of Vietnamese state radio broadcasts, this short film gives a face and a sense of place to the unseen and offers a personal counterpoint to the officially sanctioned. Read More »

Nhat Minh Dang – Co gai tren song aka The Girl on the River (1987)

After the liberation of the South, Nguyet, a prostitute on the Huong river tries to find a revolutionary she had rescued from the enemy. She hopes to find him again.

Source adapted from: Viet Nam Film Institute, (2008). Catalogue of Vietnamese Awarded Films (1949-2005). Ha Noi: Viet Nam. Read More »

Stephane Gauger – Owl and the Sparrow aka Cu va chim se se (2007)

It is a rare opportunity to choose one’s family, but when young orphan Thuy becomes fed up with her circumstances she creates her own fate in Owl and the Sparrow.

Not satisfied with working at her uncle’s bamboo blind factory, Thuy hits road and river to find her fortune in Saigon. Busy streets swarm with bicycles and peddlers of infinite goods, and the young girl is soon advised by the experienced children of the street. The local triteness of her situation is unnerving, and few blink at her circumstances — except for despondent flight attendant, Lan, who takes Thuy under her broken wing. Read More »

Nhat Minh Dang – Bao gio cho den thang muoi AKA The Love Doesn’t Come Back (1984)

In the final days of the war, a beautiful young widow, Duyen, faces a daily struggle to take care of her young son and ailing father-in-law, all the while hiding from them the fact that her husband has recently been killed in battle. Keeping her secret burden to herself, she is befriended by the village schoolmaster, Zhang, who agrees to fabricate letters from her dead husband in order to spare her family sorrow. As their friendship deepens, Duyen and Zhang find themselves drawn closer to intimacy – a dangerous relationship if Duyen if to maintain her charade. Read More »