Vincent Gallo

  • Vincent Gallo – Buffalo ’66 (1998)

    1991-2000ArthouseDramaUSAVincent Gallo

    After being released from prison, Billy is set to visit his parents with his wife, whom he does not actually have. This provokes Billy to act out, as he kidnaps a girl and forces her to act as his wife for the visit.Read More »

  • Vincent Gallo – Honey Bunny (2001)

    2001-2010PerformanceShort FilmUSAVincent Gallo

    Honey Bunny” is a short film/music video directed by Vincent Gallo. The music on this video appears on Gallo’s debut album “When” (released on Warp Records in 2001).Read More »

  • Vincent Gallo – Buffalo ’66 (1998)

    1991-2000ArthouseCultUSAVincent Gallo


    “allmovie” wrote:
    by Bhob Stewart
    Actor Vincent Gallo (The Funeral, Palookaville) made his feature directorial debut with this drama about convict Billy Brown (Gallo), released after half a decade spent behind bars. Drifting into downtown Buffalo, Billy kidnaps teen Layla (Christina Ricci) and has her pose as his loving wife when he visits his parents (Ben Gazzara and Anjelica Huston). Layla praises him and goes along with his fanciful tale that they met at CIA headquarters, where they both worked. Mom and dad not only fall for this, they are entranced by Layla, who soon begins to embellish her act. When she claims to be pregnant by Billy, he hustles her out to a bowling alley and on to a restaurant, where they run into trampy Wendy (Rosanna Arquette), who might be Billy’s former girlfriend. Eventually, Billy seems ready to track down and kill the person he feels was responsible for his five years in the slammer. Shown at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival.Read More »

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