Visakesa Chandrasekaram

  • Visakesa Chandrasekaram – Paangshu AKA Earth (2020)

    2011-2020DramaSri LankaVisakesa Chandrasekaram

    Paangshu revolves around Babanorna (Nita Fernando), a launderer belonging to one of the lowest castes in Sri Lanka. Babanorna is summoned to an identification parade where she identifies Lionel as one of the paramilitary men who abducted her son during the 1988/89 insurgency. While Indika (Jagath Manuwarna), the young public prosecutor, shows little or no interest in helping Babanorna find her missing son, Namalee (Nadie Kammallaweera), the pregnant wife of the paramilitary man, seeks forgiveness from the launderer. As the long hearings in the dilapidated courthouse continue for months, shameful secrets are gradually unearthed by the defeated rebels, victorious soldiers and those who were crushed in between.Read More »

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