Vladimir Kobrin

  • Vladimir Kobrin – Predmet i zadachi biofiziki AKA The Subject and Tasks of Biophysics (1982)

    Experimental educational film reveals the emergence of some ideas of Biophysics in the historical, philosophical and methodological aspects.
    First film from the biophysics cycle (1982-1989).Read More »

  • Vladimir Kobrin – Samoorganizatsiya Biologicheskih Sistem AKA Self-Organization of Biological Systems (1989)

    The concepts of synergetics within biological systems and effects of entropy on the organism of the socio, leading to the birth of Homo Insanicus.
    The psychedelic surreal experiment, the last film from the biophysics cycle and the first film from the homo paradoxum cycle. The film is narrated by surreal sofisticated scientific-philosophical contemplations intermixed with a speech of Brezhnev and a speech of a schizophrenic patient.

    “I have this feeling that in the world there is no politics or sociology as such, there is a field of psychiatry, and in our country – psychopathology.” – V. Kobrin.Read More »

  • Vladimir Kobrin – KrotoSKobrizmus (1997)

    Body in the past, the present and the future.Read More »

  • Vladimir Kobrin – GraviDance (2000)

    The film is really very different from its predecessors.This is a diary written in a bright, imaginative, unique language, cipher invented by the author. Once, in the depth of ages, Leonardo da Vinci wrote his diary using languages known to mankind and his own encryption. The structure of the diary is clearly seen in the film. However, this is not ordinary, dry or memoir-nostalgic diary.
    GraviDance is the philosophical poetry. To understand the principle of its construction can the image, persistently encountered by the viewer during the film. This image is already familiar to us – we return to where we started.Read More »

  • Vladimir Kobrin – Son Plyashuschih Chelovechkov AKA The Dream of the Little Dancing Men (1997)

    Film is about communication. Kobrin pays homage to Vasili Nalimov, to his work and life. Nalimov was a mathematician and philosopher, but was also an eccentric anarchist with mystic tendencies who spent eighteen years in a concentration camp.
    Nalimov’s philosophy relies on probabilistic methods in the natural and social sciences and applies them to the study of language and consciousness.
    The film’s name Kobrin took from Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Adventure of the Dancing Men”.Read More »

  • Vladimir Kobrin – Seroe Vremya AKA Gloomy Time (1994)

    The film is about the crisis in the Russian cinema, which occurred 100 years after the birth of cinema.
    The title of the film reflected Kobrin’s feelings of this period, the collapse of the old order, pennilessness and uncertainty about the future.
    In some respects, the film almost documents the life of the Kobrins House, a whole studio compressed within a small flat, children, computers, people working on computers, kitchen, guests, Kobrin himself – all this is filmed in the time-lapse mode.
    The film is narrated by snippets from Vasily Nalimov’s “Spontaneity of consciousness”, intermixed with stories told by a rustic man.Read More »

  • Vladimir Kobrin – Homo Paradoksum 3 AKA Homo Paradoxum III (1991)

    This film decisively breaks out of a numerous politicized and social films, it does not dictate to the viewer any particular point of view, perception of the film takes place at the level that the viewer chooses for himself.
    Polysemy and uncertainty, appreciated by the surrealists, leads the viewer to choose the “level of difficulty”, however, some viewers can simply perceive it as a parody of the totalitarianism of the Soviet Union.
    Read More »

  • Vladimir Kobrin – …Absolyutno iz nichego… AKA Absolutely from Nothing (1997)

    The story of this film began 16th of November, 1974. When a encrypted radio transmission was sent from Earth to inhabitants of extraterrestrial world…
    The film’s name Kobrin took from Hegel’s “Philosophy of Religion”. But now, Kobrin granted the ability to speak to the “kitchen” philosopher – Semen Semenych.
    From nothing to… Homo Insanicus.Read More »

  • Vladimir Kobrin – Homo Paradoksum 2 AKA Homo Paradoxum II (1990)

    This film explores the paradox of dEvolution and how Homo Insanicus took over the largest country in the world.
    Film didn’t lost its actuality, because rivalry between Homo Sapiens and Homo Insanicus continues…

    In his films, Kobrin elaborates a special, metaphoric style that is “a fully achieved work of imaginative filmmaking, in which special effects, pixilation, and reverse or speed-up motion abound, a philosophical avant-garde film, entirely unexpected in terms of its country of origin”.Read More »

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