Vojtech Jasný

  • Vojtech Jasný – Touha AKA Desire (1958)

    1951-1960Czech RepublicDramaVojtech Jasný

    Four stories, four seasons of the year, four periods from the human lifeRead More »

  • Vojtech Jasný – Touha AKA Desire (1958)

    1951-1960ArthouseCzech RepublicDramaVojtech Jasný

    A poignant overview of how short life can be, this interesting drama from Czech director Vojetch Jasny is divided into four separate segments. In the first skit, a young child’s impressions are observed as his newborn baby sister becomes a part of the family. In the second, a young woman falls in love for the first time one summer, and in the third, a tough, older peasant woman battles against the farming cooperatives. Finally, in the last segment, everything comes full circle as a woman who is about to become a grandmother dies while her daughter-in-law has not yet given birth.Read More »

  • Vojtech Jasný – Der Kulterer (1974)

    Drama1971-1980AustriaTVVojtech Jasný

    Vojtech Jasný’s adaptation of Thomas Bernhard’s story (1962) of the same name starring Helmut Qualtinger as Der Kulturer, who while in prison becomes a self-sufficient thinker and writer.Read More »

  • Vojtech Jasný – Ansichten eines Clowns AKA The Clown (1976)

    1971-1980DramaGermanyVojtech Jasný

    Hans Schnier has earned his living as a clown, though he is in fact a very covert sort of social critic. After enduring a difficult childhood in Bonn during the Second World War, including his mother’s fanatic Nazism, he is appalled to discover many of the people he knows and loves swept deeply into involvement in the Catholic Church.Read More »

  • Vojtech Jasný – Vsichni dobrí rodáci AKA All My Good Countrymen (1969)

    1961-1970Czech RepublicDramaPoliticsVojtech Jasný

    The 1968 Czechoslovakian film All My Good Countrymen (Všichni dobrí rodáci) is a tremendous piece of cinema. It’s the kind of picture one watches on several occasions across a lifetime, both to better understand what it has to say and also to feel more attuned to the culture and history it represents. The film feels epic in scope, despite coming in at under two hours in length, and this is largely because of its focus on a single setting across a dozen or so years, with numerous wonderful and ugly things happening in the interim. Director Vojtech Jasný also wrote it, putting in a decade’s worth of work to make what would become his signature film. It would be the last feature he’d get to direct in his home country for decades, as Jasný was effectively banned from filmmaking as a result.Read More »

  • Vojtech Jasný – Az prijde kocour AKA The Cassandra Cat (1963)

    1961-1970ComedyCzech RepublicFantasyVojtech Jasný

    Some people with a strange cat arrive in a small village. The cat wears glasses, and when someone takes them off, she can colour people, according to their nature and mood. The grown-ups of the village consider the cat to be dangerous, but the kids just love her…Read More »

  • Vojtech Jasný – Wir (1981)

    1981-1990Czech RepublicSci-FiVojtech Jasný



    One of the most famous rare TV films ever, the copy is very good.
    I think Samyatin’s novel Wir on which this film is based is well known enough among sci-fi fans as the predecessor and inspiration for Brave New World and 1984. In 1981 ZDF adapted this film with Dieter Laser and Sabine von Maydell in the main roles and some clever effects despite obvious budget limitations. I’m as puzzled as all other fans why this film was apparently never shown again, maybe rights issues?
    Anyway here it is back for the eyes of the public.Read More »

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