Vu Tran

  • Vu Tran – Den hen lai len AKA We’ll Be Seeing Us Again (1974)

    1971-1980AsianDramaVietnamVu Tran
    Den hen lai len (1974)
    Den hen lai len (1974)

    Before the August Revolution, Net, a pretty and virtuous girl, was well known in the Ha Bac area for her beautiful voice. She loved Chi, a Quan Ho singer in the neighbour village, a talented but poor man. During a Spring festival Binh, a playboy, plotted with his sister to win Net’s hand in marriage. To this end they had to get rid of Chi: Binh accused Chi of being “communist”. Cha had to run away to Binh, for being a communist meant committing high treason. Net’s mother, who was seriously ill and indebted to Binh, had to give him her daughter’s hand. Bu on the very night the wedding party was held Net left the village. There was also a conflict within Binh’s family. Read More »

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