Vulo Radev

Vulo Radev – Kradetzat na praskovi AKA The Peach Thief [+Extras] (1964)

In this Bulgarian drama, a POW interred in a camp slyly sneaks peaches from a colonel’s orchard. During one illicit foray, he meets the colonel’s wife and they become lovers. When the colonel orders the prisoners moved, the POW becomes determined to stay with the wife. During the march he escapes in hope of convincing her to run with him, but ends up killed by a guard who has been ordered to protect the peach trees from Sandra Brennan Read More »

Vulo Radev – Osadeni dushi AKA Doomed Souls (1975)

Spain – the Civil War is raging. Fanny Horn, an English aristocrat looking for adventure, is caught up in the turmoil in Madrid. Here, for the first time, she meets Father Heredia – a monk of the Jesuit Order. Obsessed by her passion for him, she enrolls as a nurse at Peña Ronda, a focus of epidemic typhoid fever, where the Jesuit has set up a field hospital. The monk tries to reject the English woman, but, for a short while, loses control of his feelings. Fanny is ready to take desperate action, but she is once again confronted with Father Heredia’s fanaticism, which is capable of destroying everything around him. Read More »