Walt Davis

  • Walt Davis – Sex Psycho AKA The Demon in Miss Jones (1970)

    Walt Davis1961-1970EroticaHorrorUSA

    While ‘Sex Psycho’ has little to no credibility as a serious piece of film-making; when it comes to exploitation cinema, this is exactly what the sort of film that we degenerates look for! Sex Psycho starts off shockingly, and then constantly builds on itself, and it’s clear that director Walt Davis made this film with the intention of going a little further every time he decides to break a taboo. The plot centres on theme of an adulterous relationship between two unscrupulous individuals. Jerry and Eva are having an affair, and decide that Eva’s husband has to go. Naturally, they decide to take on the services of Eva’s brother; and while he and the husband are having sex (…), the boyfriend comes in and graphically inserts a butcher’s knife into the husband’s throat. From there, we watch as things go from sick to sicker, with the opening homosexual sex scene being topped by a sequence that sees the wife have sex with her lover on the bed that her husband’s corpse still lies on, before an incestuous sex scene is followed by a five person orgy. Read More »

  • Walt Davis – Evil Come Evil Go (1972)

    1971-1980ExploitationHorrorUSAWalt Davis

    A religious fanatic murders people who are engaging in sex.Read More »

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