Walter Hill

  • Walter Hill – Southern Comfort (1981)

    1981-1990ActionThrillerUSAWalter Hill

    A squad of National Guards on an isolated weekend exercise in the Louisiana swamp must fight for their lives when they anger local Cajuns by stealing their canoes. Without live ammunition and in a strange country, their experience begins to mirror the Vietnam experience.Read More »

  • Walter Hill – The Warriors [Theatrical Cut] [+ Commentary] (1979)

    Walter Hill1971-1980ActionCultUSA

    Prominent gang leader Cyrus calls a meeting of New York’s gangs to set aside their turf wars and take over the city. At the meeting, a rival leader kills Cyrus, but a Coney Island gang called the Warriors is wrongly blamed for Cyrus’ death. Before you know it, the cops and every gangbanger in town is hot on the Warriors’ trail.Read More »

  • Walter Hill – Hard Times (1975)

    1971-1980ActionDramaUSAWalter Hill

    During the Great Depression, the mysterious drifter Chaney befriends the promoter of illegal street fights Speed and they go to New Orleans to make money fighting on the streets. Speed is welcomed by his mistress Gayleen Schoonoverand invites his former partner Poe to team-up with them. Meanwhile Chaney has a love affair with the local Lucy Simpson. Speed has a huge debt with the dangerous loan shark Doty and borrows money to promote the fight of Chaney and the local champion Jim Henry, who is managed by the also promoter. Casey wins the fight, they make a lot of money but Speed is an addicted gambler and loses his share in the dice table. But Doty wants his money back and Speed’s only chance is Chaney accepts to bet his own money that he is saving and fight a winner that Gandil brought from Chicago. Will he accept the challenge?Read More »

  • Walter Hill – The Long Riders (1980)

    1971-1980USAWalter HillWestern

    Walter Hill’s first attempt at revisiting the history of the West… Here he retells the story of the James brothers in their raids with the Younger brothers without the romantic aura of the films of Henry King and Nicholas Ray. The parts of the brothers are played by the Carradine brothers and the Keach brothers (who also co-produced and co-scripted the movie)Read More »

  • Walter Hill – Johnny Handsome (1989)

    1981-1990CrimeThrillerUSAWalter Hill

    from rottentomatoes:
    Born with a horribly disfigured face, and unable to become part of “normal”society, John Sedley turns to a life of crime. But his two fellow gang members trick him and Johnny is sent to prison. There he meets a plastic surgeon who takes sympathy on him and surgically transforms him into a new man. Now unrecognizable to those who once knew him, the once ugly duckling plots a vicious revenge.Read More »

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